Healthcare Management Information System

is a software platform
completely web-based,
for the management and reporting of
clinical and administrative data

S.I.Ge.S. was born as a natural evolution
of the software consolidated procedures
developed in the last ten years in collaboration
with the S.C. of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and
Digestive Endoscopy of the S. Maria Hospital of Terni

The system is aimed at the healthcare structures where they are performed Gastrointestinal, endoscopic and echographic examinations for the management of clinical and administrative data e lets you follow the whole journey of the patient in a simple and effective way from the acceptance to the reporting

The completeness of the data collected and the specific statistical functions implemented allow analysis and evaluation of epidemiological information for the use of structures that deal specifically with screening

no special hardware or software licenses, S.I.Ge.S. exploits the network infrastructures already present in the company

Web-based user interface is usable through a
common browser e from any personal computer or tablet without the need to install specific client software

reduction in operating costs

the use of Intranet / Internet as the application infrastructure greatly reduces both connectivity costs and management costs

cross-platform access

access to the application is independent of the hardware and operating system used by users


the application can grow together with the needs of the company without any particular problems

ease of distribution and updating

the application resides entirely on the server, therefore the distribution or the update performed on the server is automatically available to all users

extreme data availability

the Web-Based infrastructure makes the application usable by an unlimited number of users, each specifically authorized and profiled, favoring the sharing of information and the coordination of operational and administrative activities

main features

the flexibility and opening of the system allows, where required, the possibility of evaluating the implementation of additional specific features, with particular reference to the acquisition of images being examined through the specialized S.I.Ge.S.

  • Management of the local patient registry file with the possibility of import / export of personal data
  • Management of reservations archive direct, but also by importing data from an external reservation system if available
  • Agenda and Lists to consult the work plan resulting from the booking activities
  • Administrative management of the service with reports relating to the activities performed

  • Activity checklists and reports
  • Acceptance management of patients booked
  • Medical reports management with possibility of marking as suspended, eg of those awaiting completion, with further data coming from external diagnostic structures
  • Guided medical reporting path with selection of clinical questions (main and secondary)
  • Complete management of performance tables (Italian National Nomenclature), MSTE2 (Minimal Standard Terminology Endoscopic 2) and diagnosis (ICD9-CM)
  • Medical reporting with the possibility of managing standard reports
  • Electronic signature of reports and start of conservation
  • Nursing report management
  • Statistics for the analysis of archived data for extractions of information on the functioning of the service (eg Tot. Reported services, etc.) and epidemiological (eg. Pathologies detected, etc.)

  • Information acquisition on the medical histological samples collected during the execution of the service for sending to external laboratories with printing of the request
  • Registration of return information from the analysis laboratories on the samples taken both manually and with the possibility of import where this was possible
  • Preparation for data integration coming from external software procedures (eg Pathological Anatomy) and Exporting all available data to external procedures
  • Report: Management of the printouts supporting the activity of the service (final patient report, activity summaries, etc.)
  • Access control to functionality through user authentication / password mechanism. Possibility to define user profiles with different qualifications in the different areas of the procedure
  • Consultation of clinical history of the patient with summaries of all the information gathered in the previous exams

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